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Photographer and happy traveller. 

I put this about me page together to give a bit of little of my background so that couples could decide if we have some common ground, share some interests. Your wedding is a very important and personal day, You should have somebody there who you are comfortable with, gel with and can feel relaxed working with.

Southport Wedding Photographer - Photography by Bryan.

That was the motivation behind this but it has reinforced just how lucky I feel have been and I am incredibly grateful for my life. More is to come and I’m looking forward to the experiences ahead.

I chased a career for many years and I was fairly successful. I held a good management position and looked after a fantastic team. I worked with many ‘blue-chip’ companies. My main role was one of Process Improvement and specifically helping to bring together the needs of our customers with the abilities of the company I worked for.

It was a very rewarding role, it stretched me, gave me great opportunities to learn and grow. The company I worked for gave me the freedom and authority go against what was considered the established protocols to try new ideas. Sometimes it improved and other times it was just a good learning experience for all involved.

Contact Details.

If you are after a wedding photography package that is a little different to my standard packages, no problem. Give me as much information as you can and I will come up with something designed around you.

Wedding Photographer Southport.

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